Chen Zhang Design Portfolio

Performance Dashboard & Improvement

Design an experience to enable Airbnb hosts to compare performance to local market and make improvements

Problem Definition & Assumptions 

We already have one persona in the design requirement – Kerry. Here're some of her characteristics: 

  • Non-tech-savvy
  • New to Airbnb platform and just getting started 
  • Lives in Atlanta, GA

Target Users

User Needs / Product Values

Compare my performance with other hosts in local area

  • Reservations
  • Revenue
  • Ratings & Reviews (response, cleanliness, check in etc)
  • Guest Views & Inquiries 

Get motivation to make improvements 

  • Stories and tips from Airbnb host community
  • Local host meet-ups 
  • Personalized tips based on guest reviews received

For Hosts

  • Running a Airbnb listing is just like running a small business, so more insightful data and informative tips can help them with more bookings and more revenue. 

For Guests

  • Guests can get better Airbnb experience after hosts improve the quality of their home listings. 

For Airbnb 

  • The core of the product is a bridge to connect hosts and guests, and providing the right feature and data to both sides will help acquire and engage more users in the platform. 

Business Strategy 


  • I choose to work on a mobile app because I assume mobile app usage is more than desktop for hosts; 
  • Airbnb already has an native mobile app for hosts, so we can design additional feature inside the existing app; 
  • Airbnb Host Dashboard experience for desktop;
  • Airbnb Host Tools website for desktop;
  • Existing Airbnb styleguide. 

Workflow Analysis 


Refine & Design Detailed Wireframes




If this is a real project and we have a cross-functional team and release deadline, I would figure out some open questions in my design assumption and proposals: 

  • Besides the persona of Kerry, do we have other different persona? If so, who are they? 
  • Set the success metrics and make it clear with the the whole team about the our goal. After launching it, measure our design impact and understand what works and what doesn't. 
  • iOS and Android should have different design experience following the native design patterns, and we should design a consistent desktop experience. 
  • Discuss with engineering team about the resources and timeline, and prioritize features when necessary.