Chen Zhang Design Portfolio


“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” 

— Massimo Vignelli


Every project starts with a business insight, technology vision and design problem, but it should always end with the user. As a product designer, my goal is to create the best user experience which not only looks nice, but also works intuitively and solves the problem at hand. In the end, my vision is to connect function with form and create a consistent user experience.

Design Journey

When I graduated from high school and wondered what to study in college, I wanted to be a film director or photographer at that time, so I chose Digital Media Art as my major for my college. After I took various design courses from different disciplines, I found myself more interested in the "why" and "how" behind a beautiful and stunning design work. At that time, Flash multi-media website and mobile app trends were on the rise and I decided to dive deep into interaction design in the Internet industry. With the admission of the design graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology, I left my home country and began my design journey in US...



2013 – 2014



2010 – 2012

2006 – 2010

UX Designer, MobileIron

UX Designer, Good Technology (BlackBerry)

Designer, JUXT

Interaction Designer Intern, Ogilvy & Mather

Visual Communication Design program, Rochester Institute of Technology

Digital Media program, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology





CSS Design Awards Nominations

Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Semi-finalist

Input & Output Design Exhibition, T Art Center, Beijing 798 District


Favorite Website Awards (FWA)

Swiss Design Theory

Designers I admire (Massimo Vignelli, Luke Wroblewski, Cap Watkins, Khoi Vinh etc)

Spec Network Podcast (Design Details, Immutable)

Medium and Twitter posts 

Architecture (Louis Kahn)

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Football Club

Games (FIFA, Tomb Raider etc)

Music (Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Hans Zimmer etc)

Movies (Mad Max, Quentin Tarantino, Krzysztof Kieslowski etc)